Help! any ideas?

This is the second time i have had an issue with alligment on a larger carve.

In the order of operations the arrows outlines were cut first. They appear to be correct dimentionally.
next was the numbering and the place names last.

if anyone has any ideas that could help it would be greatly appreciated

1000x1000 bed
611 spindle
acme screw

Cheers Jon

You have lost steps, reasons may be:

Feed & speed to aggressive for your machine
Pulley slipping on shaft
Mechanical binding
Dull bit

We’re the arrows cut out first? They could have came loose while carving the letters and numbers.

They were cut first but with tabs so no movement. Thanks for the thought though

Thanks for the reply - will try these tonight.

Feed and speed were program defaults

Have not tensioned belt since first build and never had a problem before. Will test though

Binding will blow out the frame and gears with airline

will replace bit.

Yeppers. Just thought since the arrows were right and the letters were askew. Simplest first. You have a VS 2 XC with the pressed on Pullies?