Help Appreciated With Bits & Cut Settings

I’ve only been working with the CNC for a couple of months. In that time, I have had some failure carves & some great carves., Just wondering if someone can give insight to the bits & settings I’ve chosen for this project. What would you change? I really need this one to come out great. I am only using Easel Pro right now. Also, I don’t know what wood to choose for edge glued pine, as pine isn’t even listed as an option. Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

1/8" bit for rough is too aggressive at .125 doc.
Typically doc should be 1/2 of diameter of bit or less. I like 0.05" at 50 ipm with an 1/8" 2 flute upcut
Make sure you have v bit step-over at 1% and doc at maybe .1"
If you have fuzzies after the finish run it again at full depth and faster speed to clean it up.
Sharp clean bit is really important with pine.

Thank you so much for the input Mark. What wood should I select since there is no pine?

Your choice of wood only applies if you’re using the default settings.

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