Help Before

I need help because obviously, my X Carver isn’t doing anything close to what is on the Easel. Extremely disappointed after all the videos and website showing our easy and awesome this thing is.

Already missed out on multiple opportunities to expand my business. At this point it might be time to cut my losses and just save up for something a little more reliable and isn’t this high maintenance. I spend more time working on this thing and still haven’t gotten anything in return.


That looks like either a stepper wire connector came loose or a belt came loose. Check both of those things.


I have to tighten the belts everytime I attempt to use this thing. There has to be a better way than how the instructions showed.

I have a video but it also spent more time carving outside the carving area.

I wonder if you have something not assembled correctly at the ends of each of the Y rails, take a picture of the end of each of the belt lengths. post them and someone may be able to help you out…belts should not loosen after each carve


Will do! Taking the rest of the night off to get some rest and hit it again tomorrow

After reviewing a very youtube videos and forums. I went for the zip tie method to secure the belts. Now the Y motors go in seperate directions.

Did you not use the small plastic sleeves that slide over the cable ends?