[Help] Bit too large?

I’m trying to cut a side fence for my X-Carve. All the file consists of is an L-shaped line and a 3.2mm diameter circle centered at 0,0. There seems to be an error shown in the 3D preview on the L-shaped line, not sure why it’s just set to cut outline on the inside.

HERE is the project.

Change your mm to inch at the bottom of the screen. Or change bit size to mm. Your bit size inch, work parameter is metric.

Doesn’t seem to fix the warning.

Can you try one size small bit on machine setup tab. I changed to 0.625 inch, warning disappeared. I know there is no way you’re gonna cut with that small bit, just try. Couple more guys having same issue, if you search previous posts you may find solution. I’m not very much in love with Easel, I don’t want to give you wrong direction. All I can say, you have to match your bit size and work parameters to inch or metric before draw.

Hi @Rusty,

Easel only supports “inside” and “outside” cuts on closed paths—that is, ones that form a complete loop—the reason being that open paths don’t technically have an inside or outside. Sometimes, like your project here, there’s one side that’s intuitively correct, but that can be difficult to codify in software. For example, which side should be the inside of an “S” shape, or a straight line?

We consider it a bug that Easel lets you set open paths like that to have inside or outside cuts and doesn’t explain the problem. And another bug that sometimes the 2D side makes it look like Easel can do the inside or outside cut.

The shape will actually be cut on-path, so you’d have to offset it manually in your design.

Thanks @rodovich! I’ll update the project such that the line is offset.

@rodivich The shape will actually be cut on-path, so you’d have to offset it manually in your design.

I’m having the ‘Open Path’ issues in Easel with gear patterns I purchased online from Derek Hugger and Clayton Boyer. When I change the cut pattern to outside, I get the “Cannot Offset Open Paths error” in Easel. I’ve tried ‘Combine’ in Inkscape, and Join options, but continue to get the error.

I see here it is suggested to offset the pattern manually. I’m clueless as to what that means.

What really confuses me is Derek’s files are spot on ‘no gaps’, yet I still get the error. Clayton, yea there are gaps that needs joined and fixed. Yet no matter what I seem to do to the lines I still get the Offset Open Paths Errors.

Appreciate the Help

Hi Greg,

I have a few dxf file from Clayton and Derek. I’ve built a few before I had my x-carve. I don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a cAD package right now, but it appears I may have no choice. It seems any direct conversion of the cad files leaves open path issues and other problems.

Did you have get past your issues? If so, what did you use?


Hi Jeff,

Phil is right you can join them in inkscape and it is a pain. Been there done that and hated the time it took.

<<Did you have get past your issues? If so, what did you use?>>
Funny, to me, that you should ask. I just bought VCarve Pro last weekend and I’m LOVING life. I seriously wish I would have bit the bullet last year. I talked to Derek about multiple options and the real answer = buy the software. I’m sure there are people on here that know a ton more than me about VCP, but as a ‘week one’ user I cannot tell you how impressed I am, I work in the tech world PM’ing development projects. I like to think I have an eye on quality software. The tools for open path corrections, grouping, nesting, etc., the list goes on and on. I’ve told myself multiple times in the past week, RTFM, the 20-30min videos can save you HOURS of self exploration, instead get you back to your CNC having fun. Yes, I’m speaking from experience having spent many hours doing a task that VCP can do in seconds, Nesting is my new best friend! The more I learn, among the hours and hours of tutorials that they provide, the more impressed I am. Not to mention the Clip art and DesignMake aspect is a massive addition for me. I’m not a graphic artist, I’m not going to design a thing, I know me after this many years. BUT I’ll take the art and mix/match for all kinds of projects, sooo many possibilities. Seriously think I need more simple beer time in my shop staring at wood to get my ideas flowing. Of course my wife would disagree, but thankfully she don’t follow this forum… My point VCP is easy enough to learn, you do not need to be an engineer. I’ve reviewed Fusion360 and others which are great software options. If you want to carve without a major investment in hours learning CAD I would say go VCP. Here’s what finally did me in - I downloaded the full free copy, spent a few hours on their tutorials to make sure I was comfortable with the software and it did what I want, then I simply couldn’t turn down what it offered. Now that I’m CNC’ing with VCP I know the $700 held me back, but given what I’m doing with my CNC now verse before - Night and Day. VCP lit a new fire in me with my CNC, I now know how I can accomplish so many possibilities with my CNC. Hmm well that got a bit long, hope that helps, good luck.

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I have a new video for fixing DXFs in Inkscape, It’s way faster and easier.

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Thanks @PhilJohnson

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