Help Breaking Bits

I keep breaking the 1/32 bit. The majority of the time it is sheared off in the wood, as if its not rising high enough out to move to the next cut. I have followed all the directions from the computer. I use the z probe prior to start. the settings are Plunge Rate 12in/min Depth per pass 0.015in and feed rate is 30 in/min. I have the router set on one and I’m trying to cut pine and cedar wood. I’m also taking measurements of the wood and double checking. I have had other successful carves with other bits. I have had my X carve for about a month and I have spent a lot of money on bits.

Not to be pushy but a 1/32" bit is extremely fragile. I would go to a vbit and i should do what you want. I have taken the bits out and touched them wrong and they break. They are just not worth the effort.

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I’m trying to do military rank on a 4X4 coaster and one of the ranks will only look like its supposed to with a 1/32 according to x carve. I just broke a 1/16 cause its not clearing the wood as it moves. On the last carve I set the bit to carve at 1/8 or .12 and when I check it, it’s .21. Gong to try the Vbit.

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Hello Shawn and welcome to the forum,
Are you tightening the bits in the collet good? The bit shouldn’t be slipping

  • If your Z is loosing steps during retraction the bit will ride low and bits will break.
  • If your probe offset value is slightly off the bit may ride lower than calculated and engage too much material for the first depth pass.
  • 1/32" are extremely fragile and take “nothing” to break.
  • 1/32" are perhaps better suited for higher RPM than the default #1 setting
  • Tool length affect bit rigidity a lot, how long are the cutter length? Perhaps a shorter and more rigid one will suit your application better?

Please share an example of what you want to make, perhaps we can provide input on better tools / approaches to get you past breaking bits? :slight_smile:

v bit is your best option, can you share your project so we can see and give additional suggestions

Yes I’m tightening it. I don’t see any slippage.

Can you share the Easel file so we can see the intended design?

Did you stop the job before it was complete?
Did you cut all of that using the same bit?

No that is three different jobs three bits, the rank was don’t with the 60 VBIT, cut to deep messed up detail. The arrowhead was cut with a 1/8 bit came out great. The one with the female was a 1/16 and yes I stopped it after it messed up the letters in the bottom. Hit the a up on the computer and it went to home and broke the bit before it cleared the wood.

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Did you pause the job while it was running? I know if I pause on the controller and then cancel on
the computer it will mess things up and I will have to re home when I hit carve again. Have you tried it again and were you successful?
Maybe someone else has an idea of what is happening :man_shrugging:

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