[Help] Converting an inexpensive laser engraver kit

We recently bought an X-Controller and decided to take the laser off the X-Carve, as the laser enclosure was too cumbersome to deal with in the space we currently had the X-Carve. My question is if we bought one of the $200-$300 DIY ~40cm*50cm laser engravers that have really low powered lasers, could we swap out the Laser, Laser Driver, and Stepper driver with the 3.8w jtech laser, Jtech laser driver, and the Arduino&G-Shield combo from the original X-Carve? What would probably be the max federate? What are all the settings I would need to set? Thanks for all your help. We have the perfect space for a small machine like that, including a laser eye shield.

Ryan Cannon

Why not just buy a basic mechanical package for a 500mm X-carve? Around $462

If that’s too much then you could convert a laser engraver if it is the type that moves the laser across the material.

Most of your questions would depend on the capability of the engraver that you decide to purchase.

Should be able to make that work.

I had not considered that before, I will look into it. I wonder why you cant get Nema 17’s anymore in the kit. What do you mean by “moves the laser across the material”? Do you mean by having a gantry and carriage like the X-Carve?

Take a look at this.

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Some engravers have the laser in a fixed position and use mirrors to deflect the beam to the work surface.

Yes, something like that.

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I may not understand your question, but I have the larger version (edit: actually mine is same size as Jeff posted) set up with a laser diode and running with Mach3. Axis speed is no problem as the unit is originally intended for CO2 lasers.


And John mounted it at an angle in a wood box so it would not take allot of table space.

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I think maybe Robert was looking at the spec’s. It’s spec’d at 500mm/s. Is that real?

With the proper controller it can.


My point was that it’s capable of those speeds with the proper controller. They state the frame in the video can travel @ 1500mm/s. Lightobject specs for the LSR-KIT4060XY is capable of X:500mm/s, Y:350mm/s. I trust that to be true with there controller.

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