HELP! Cuts belts all the time

I need help lets see if anyone can understand what I’m saying. On the makers slide the belt seems to be riding up on the pulley and well end up catching the belt. No matter what I do it want to ride up on it and has broken the side rail of the pulley a few times, so I had to replace them over and over. It seems like I can not line up the pulley and the 2 smooth idler wheels perfect. Anyone explain why??

can you take a picture of the inside of your carriage with all pulleys and hardware attached? so we can see how your pulleys are installed. also attach the motor with the correct screws so we can see if there are any alignment issues with that as well.

using the stock photo from the install instructions is of little help with your system.

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As you can see ( I hope) on the right side it is pushing against the lip of the pulley. Very hard to get pictures in tight spot like that.

I well try get better picture tomorrow.

loosen your pulley on the shaft and align it with the rest of the guides


I have several times. If I pull it out any more it well not have enough grip from the motor shaft.

Not sure if you can see what I mean

thank you for showing pictures of your issue.

the only other option if you can not move the geared pulley out to align with the idlers then the only other option would be to move the idlers in to align with the pulley.

do you have any shims or washers between the smooth idler and the carriage if yes them remove them. if you do not and all you have is the aluminium spacer then I would take both of them and sand them down about 1/8 inch (make sure they are the same) and reinstall to get them as close as possible to true with the gear pulley.

Ok I give that a try this weekend

I believe you have your Z axis in a bind causing your issues. You need to raise the Z axis so the Nema motor clears the carriage. Here are pics of mine. Try that and see if it takes a “Bind” off your carriage and rail.


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So I need to tap new holes? I do not see the motor touching the wheel? I do not think I’m understanding.
Can you do arrows? I’m thinking having a midlife brain fart and wanting to understand.

you need yo loosen the 4 screws on the part that holds the Z axis and move it up it is not mounted correctly.

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