Help designing sign

Can someone give me an idea on how to carve

I want it to be similar to this

Hey, Everything black should be carved about 1/8". Paint the carved area black and the slowly work on the colored areas. the only thing in the design I see not divided by black lines is the fire and the shadow on the red guys eyes. Also might have issues with the yellow bugs wings and maybe his legs because the lines are so thin. Good luck!


Hard to really tell what you want, there are multiple ways so make a sign. Do you want that carved into a piece of wood or do you want the outline as a sign.


After looking at that sign, I wouldn’t mind making a sign like yours of just the words. Got any guides ? :smiley:

Thanks for the input guys!

Tons of patience and planning! Just got to look at the logo and envision it in layers. I designed my logo in Illustrator and then cut each element as a separate layer and then stacked them. I think I had 5 different easel files to do all of the work. The painting was a whole different story!