Help: error importing SVG

I’m trying to import an SVG file into easel from Inkscape. I keep getting an error message and it will not let me import it.

When in Inkscape, I attempt to convert as directed (trace bitmap, etc) but it will not show vector lines.

I’m not terrible computer savvy and have been struggling. Any help would be appreciated or if I could send the jpeg to someone to covert properly would be a major help.


  • Import image
  • Trace Bitmap, you now have a image file and traces stacked on top of eachother. Traced are top layer(s) and image at the rear.
  • Move the traced slightly away from the rear layer.
  • Select the rear image and delete it
  • Double-click the traces, this will split any different colors because each color is one layer. These can after the double-click be manipulated differently. In the case og a clean B/W trace, simply delete the white layer so only the black remain. You might also give this a pure black color, if “grey scale”.
  • Select black trace, choose Resize page to Selection under Edit
  • Save SVG and plain Inkscape SVG.

Here is a video I just made to show you:

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