Help: F-Engrave Fonts OSX

I’m trying to use my OSX fonts in F-Engrave. I pointed F-Engrave to the Library/Fonts directory but nothing is coming up. Help?

I believe Apple just updated the fonts manager. Make sure you have the latest version.

Which version OS are you using?

Not El Capital, b/c when I first installed it my wi-fi tanked and I reverted. So whichever is before that.

Yosemite was before ElCapitan.

I would really prefer to not upgrade to that b/c it wasn’t good on my MacBook Air. How do I point to the fonts directory in F-Engrave knowing I have Yosemite? Thanks!

It all depends on what type of fonts you need. To use TTF fonts with F-Engrave you will need to install ttf2cxf_stream and Potrace. More detailed installation instructions can be found here;

TTF fonts with embedded images are not supported in f-engrave.

I don’t understand those instructions at all, and I’m not totally computer inept. :confounded: I also don’t see any OSX instructions on there. Am I supposed to use the Linux instructions? (I’m launching fengrave from Terminal at this point because I can’t figure out how to just install it as a regular program on my computer.)

I want to use the Mac fonts and be able to download additional free TTF fonts to use.


Your best bet would be to contact someone from F-Engrave directly, or find another program that supports fonts better.

I understand. I like fengrave because it’s free and I’m trying to learn. I’m not at a point where I’m willing to drop a chunk of money to make basic things during this learning period. I’ll email someone from there, I guess. I thought it wasn’t supported anymore though.