Help figuring out crappy carve

Can someone give me some insight as to why the bottom of my carves looks the way it does? I have a mdf wasteboard on top of my xcarve wasteboard that I flattened with the machine. My stock was jointed and planes flat and securely held. This was a two stage cut that I cut two separate times. I hone the machine after each bit change. I use a fence on the x and y axis and reuse my last x y zero so it is the same.

That being said, it looks like the bit is not repeating any of the tool path and cutting deeper at some spots. This carve was with both a 1/16 down cut fishtail bit and a 1/32 down cut fishtail bit.

If someone can walk me through how, I’d be happy to share the easel file as well.

Thanks for any help!


I don’t know why you would re-home the machine between tool changes.
I think you’re setting yourself up for errors in doing so.
If you do not move your workpiece, then the only thing you need to do with a tool change is to zero the Z axis.

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Something could be loose, is your project secured flat, even in the middle of the piece sometimes if you clamp excessively on the out side it can cause the center to pucker.

Grab your router and try wiggling it in all directions, side to side and up and down is everything tight and secure?

As Jan said re-homing does not have any advantage setting your X,Y in the same spot does

The project is definitely secured flat. I use double sided tape not clamps to prevent the push down/lift up that clamps can cause. Everything x and y axis is tight. I’ll double check the z axis tomorrow. I always re-home in the event I move the machine while changing bits. Even though I reuse my x y zero I thought homing the machine was a good idea. Especially because I usually have to jog the machine somewhere to change the bit or remove the damn dust boot.

Is it off in XY? Looks like your Z with the second bit was off. How did you zero your Z?

Z probe.