Help finding vector art?

Hey Everyone,

A friend of mine has asked me to make a plaque for her that includes a tree similar to the one in the link below. I have been searching for two days for a piece of vector art that I could take advantage of to help me create what she wants and have had no luck.

I wonder if anyone here has seen something similar that they could point me to?



Hows this, from google images.

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Thank you Ian.

I am a little embarrassed. I like to think that I am pretty adept at effective Google searches. I spent hours trying to find this.

Thanks again.


No problem Stephen, sometimes its just the right keywords lol.

Birds in tree sillhouette

all the best Ian

Vector has given me some success also, i think it’s becoming more and more popular that people search for a vector image.

Thanks for the tips!!

I had never clicked on the “images” tab… That made a big difference in my search results.

Thanks again.

i’ve used sites like vecteezy and freepik for free vector files. Might be helpful if you need something in a pinch