Help for first cut please

Hey all,
Using the Easel software seems challending for certain tasks, i’m stuck on few points.

  1. I’ve drawn some basic shapes in autoCAD, saved as .DXF and imported into Easel.
    The images are small but I can’t use the +/- zoom buttons, its covered with the cut/shape box.
    I do struggle but I some how manage to get around that, not sure how to be honest.
  2. the imported images have fat lines, not like the thin lines drawn in autoCAD, how do I overcome that?
    Even the internal rectangle on the left image requires the rectangle to be cut out first before the outside.
    I can’t select the items individually.
  3. Is there a way to draw the images in easel but give them dimensions, not free hand and not guessing using the grid lines.
    ![Screenshot (4)|690x387]

Can you in AutoCAD export tool paths for CNC? (Fusion360 do which also is an AutoDesk product)
If so that will be better than going via DXF import to Easel.

You can draw squares and circles in Easel just fine, assigning coordinates and dimension.
Plus also define inside/outside as tool path (+ on line as path)

Your example should be easy enough to do in Easel only.

I just started a few days ago, and I went the Fusion 360 route, so much better. They have a free license for a year. I make the CAM/cut list in FUsion 360 and just export that to Easel. Easel is only 2.5D, so you can’t do much in there.

Ctrl++ to zoom in. Or click on empty canvas. (How’d you get the third pic?)

That’s determined by the size of the end mill. An 1/8" end mill can’t cut a 1/64" wide line. You’ll need to select the cut to be “outside” for the outer shapes, and “inside” for the cutouts to stay dimensionally accurate.

Try the X-ploder app.

Not the way you want. You can change the size of rectangles and circles easily, and you can input dimensions to locate objects as well. You design wouldn’t be difficult to recreate in Easel, but it gets frustrating when you’re used to using a drawing program with dimension tools.

Thank you, i’ll been looking at Cut2D software, so unsure atm