Help for Laptop Wi Fi

Hello guys, My laptop wi fi is not showing but I want to share mobile network with laptop. Now what should I do? Anybody can help me?
Thanks in advance.

Well, this place is normally for X-Carve discussion, but assuming you are trying to get your laptop connected to the internet to use Easel gives some leeway… :wink:

Are you in the US with a newer smartphone? If so then you can most likely enable the phone’s data connection as a “Hot Spot” so that the phone appears as a wireless connection point to other WiFi devices. Be aware that when you do this and start using data you will be charged for said data at whatever your rate is one your cellular plan.

I do this all the time with the stereo in my truck since my wife gave me an Android stereo for Christmas (#Awesome - You can put any app on it!!). I have also done this with my X-Carve’s computer prior to getting a proper WiFi extender since the shop is on the other side of the house/property from where the WiFi router is located.

Just use Google to find out how to turn your phone into a “Hot Spot” if your phone/plan supports it.


Brandon Parker

Thanks Brandon. I’ll try it.

I think, wi fi driver is not in my laptop. That’s why it’s not showing.