Help for USMC Infantry Battalion Image


I am trying to make a sendoff gift for a good friend of mine who is getting out of the Marine Corps and at 2/8 at Camp Lejeune. I want to carve the Battalion’s logo, but am having trouble getting an image that works well. I am still learning the best way of editing images to prepare them for Easel, but am stumped on this one. Does anyone have any suggestions. The image I am working with is below. Thank you very much!!2NDBN8THMARINES

Hey there William. Tough to find a good image of this logo online. I managed to find a similar image that would work with my editing process.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 12.40.57 AM

I turned it into a SVG, imported it into Easel, and cleaned it up a bit more.

Here is the SVG if you want it:

And here is the Easel file that I made:

It’s not perfect but the carve should turn out pretty clean.

Good luck!