Help: Fusion 360 Separate Tool Path Files

Folks, I’m trying to learn Fusion 360. I post-processed one of my setup files / tool paths… but somehow both files post-processed so there was no break for a tool change. Can someone tell me what went wrong? Just designing a geometric incense holder for practice.

  1. Pocket clearing
  2. Parallel
    GCode --> incense1_8.txt (30.6 KB)

Not sure what happened. If you right-clicked on Setup2 and picked post process, it should have only generated code for that setup. Then right click on Setup2 (2) and post. IDK, You may have to rename the 2nd setup. I’m still learning Fusion myself.

What Phil said. The layered structure allow you to group different toolpaths, i.e one specific end mill but 3 different carve strategies in one Setup and finish/detail end mill in a separate Setup (or doing multi faced carves)
You can post process each layer or complete Setup or groups of Setups.

Your photo show Setup2 and [T2] Parallell2 (2) both highlighted? meaning any PP action will generate both.
The same would happen if T1 under Setup2 and T2 under Setup2(2) was highlighted when PP.

I am also just getting to know F360 and is has been a pretty steep uphill battle - but now that more and more falls into place I can see it is a very potent package.

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Follow up question: how do I make bottom left hand corner on top of my material my starting point?

I’ve tried to start this job a few times now, and although I think I figured out how to move the WCS to that point…

& follow up, I thought I understood G28. I don’t have limit switches so instead, I zero all three axes using Charley’s probe, raise the Z an inch, set G28.1, and then move it back down an inch. I read this somewhere on the forums… For some reason the bit went out to the left and then down past where my material would be and through to the waste board. :frowning:

Here’s the beginning of my gcode:

(T2 D=0.25 CR=0 - ZMIN=-0.525 - flat end mill)
G90 G94
G28 G91 Z0

(CLearing Pocket)
T2 M6
S16000 M3
G0 X-3.1577 Y0.1614
G1 Z0.0722 F30
G2 X-3.1572 Y0.1617 Z0.0668 I0.0525 J-0.1065 F60
X-3.1556 Y0.1624 Z0.0616 I0.052 J-0.1068

I’m just trying to cut a geometric shape.

Thanks. And yeah I did, watched Autodesk’s tutorials, and then a few other threads about G28 which is why I’m confused as to how this is happening.

Even if my origin were set to be in the middle of the piece, so the spindle moving to the left makes sense, why does it drop all the way down through the waste board?

I’m trying to avoid the crash problem, which is why I’m zeroing and then setting G28 but there must be something in the process of work vs. machine zero that I don’t understand. I turn UGS, jog to use Charley’s probe, hit return to zero, raise Z one inch, set the G28.1, lower 1 inch and then start. If there’s a better process when one does not have limit switches, I’d love to hear it.


I think I’m missing a step in the zeroing or not understanding something about work vs machine zero. -sigh-

Sorry. I use the General GRBL one.

Oh, I didn’t know Fusion had an XCarve post processor. (I’m at work and we don’t have Fusion for me to check…) I’ll try this out when I get home. Thanks again!

I use F360 with Easel Postprocessor, had zero issues with the code generated (provided the tool paths are valid! :sweat_smile: )


Used the Easel post processor for Fusion. Sent via Easel.

Follow question on toolpaths:

I ended up with this long striations in my piece and I don’t know how to fix them. 1/4 pocket clearing went fine. Then 1/16 ball contouring. Probed to zero each time. Any ideas? Thanks, y’all.

As you can see, the entire thing is supposed to just be a flat carved triangle. I’m doing this geometric shape to get a handle on Fusion and to be able to trouble shoot basic stuff:


My results:

Ahh, contouring doesn’t have a stepover option. No wonder. I’m going to switch to parallel and see if that cleans it up. Thanks, Phil.

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