Help getting Samples

I am considering getting a Carvey but would first like to try and get a test print done. Is there anyone out there that I could pay to produce a sample from one of my Fushion 360 files?

I asked inventables to send me a sample and I was disappointed that they wouldn’t… But I decided to go ahead and order the carvey the other day… Hopefully it will mill aluminum with no problem… Hope someone helps you out!

Hey @JasonCarberry,
I know this has been quite a while, but did you get any feedback?
I wouldn’t mind helping you if this is still current.

This doesn’t help any with your situation, but I was thinking of doing this… leaseing my CNCs out to people who design things but don’t have access to a CNC. They design the item I can then load material into the machine and the customer would pay for shipping of the item to them

Hi! Not sure about the original poster but I would be interested in some sample help if your offer still stands!