Help having issues with importing Gcode with easel

Created design in vcarve desktop, Over 600000 lines of code but machine stops and returns to home with easel still acting like its still carving. Uninstalled Easel local reinstalled checked for updates with both programs what else can I do?

I don’t know much about the maximum number of rows. Though if you have multiple functions (even with the same tool), save it it different things in the workspace.

So, maybe group roughing together and save that as a, then the same for fine and profiles. Then have one easel project with 3 subparts.

It’s only the rough cut the step over is at 5% thus the size but I have run longer codes no issue

Maybe try ugcs?

what size is the G-Code file that you are trying to send to Easel. most browsers have a maximum size limit for security reasons.

To all contributors thank you for the insight decided to go with ugs due to ease and available information again thank you for taking time to share insight