Help Help Help (Missing steps)

Need some big time help.

Since the software update my x-carve is all messed up.

I am trying to carve stars and it was working perfectly now the carves wont stay on track.

any help would be appreciated

Looks like you lost steps.
What controller, what steppers?
What are your cut settings and what is the material?

I am using
1000mm unit
ACME threaded Rod
Dewalt 611

Not sure what you mean by stepper

I’ve stopped updating my software. Every time they do this is screws things up! My machine is working perfectly, why change?

yes i wish they would leave well enough alone.

totally messed up

I posted a post an hour ago mine has been screwing up all day since the update. Anyone know how we can uninstall the updated driver?

There’s a process available. I’ve done it last year sometime, it’s not hard. However, I don’t recall the exact steps, but if you search through these forums it’s on here somewhere. Good luck!!

@JoshuaCummis Use a different sender (export your gcode). If the problem persists, it’s not the driver.

Have you restarted your computer?

I have restarted the computer several times and reset up the x controller as well.

Project not share publicly.

I will try and send again

Check and double check any set screw on each and every pulley and mechanical connection, especially on your X-axis.
Reseat any set screws using blue Loctite.

It looks like your machine is skipping steps in the X-direciton.

Also check your GRBL parameter $1 and set it to = 255
On the Xcontroller PCB board, the red pillow blocks, set Switch #4 for all three axes = OFF

I checked all the screws and belts all tight
How do i check the GRBL parameter
I also checked all the wiring and reset all the blocks