Help Homing Questions

Hello, I had a question about the homing. I have a older X-Carve and it has been working fine, since I have been home for some time I thought I would check everything out to try to improve how it runs and my understanding of the whole machine. I noticed that I never did the homing in the begin, so I went to do it last night and it moved like maybe a inch and didn’t move after that. I was wondering what do I need to do to set the homing and how does the homing help with your carves. I just jog the machine to where I need it to be. Thank you for your help

Rules for homing:

  • Enabled, $22=1
  • Initial trigger search dont exceed more than 150% of whatever value your $130-132 shows. Set $130-132 to the maximum travel distance your axes can do. (Soft limits can be disabled still ($20)
  • Trigger sequence is Z first then X&Y
  • Each trigger is tapped twice, meaning a “seek” speed ($25) for first trigger, then a pull-off ($27) to clear switch then “feed” speed ($24) for second and more precise trigger

Check your homing direction ($23), the most common is far left up thus $23=1, some use bottom left $23=3

Thank you for the help. I think I’m understanding the first part and let me know if I’m wrong. So I need to check $130-132 which would be my z,x,y axes but just as a G-code when you look at it on the computer. The max distance for my machine would be the work area it can move around, so I should set that for each of the axes. Now as for the second part I’m a little lost in that part.