HELP! How to Control specifically where the detailed pass carves?

So a project I am working on is basically a box with classic box joints and the lid has a Slit on it (like a ballot box). I am needing to make many of them back to back.
I am wanting to cut all pieces with an 1/8th inch Strait Flute first for the first rough pass. Then I am wanting a 1/32 inch bit to go and hit just the uncut parts of the inside corners (1/8 Radius left by 1/8 in bit).
It appears I cant figure out a way to do this. When I select a smaller bit then the 1/8th inch bit as the Detail bit, The 1/8th inch bit (during the rough) only cuts the slits in my lids, that’s it. Then wants to cut all the pieces out with the smaller bit during the detailed pass.
I hope I made sense to what I am trying to accomplish.
Anyone have ideas or know a way to select where the detail pass goes exactly.

You have to split the design into multiple workpieces and assign the bit to the portion you want to carve with only that bit… like in making these trays, where an endmill is used to make the pocket, then a vbit used to engrave the detail face, and then an endmill used to cut the perimeter

I understand that. In this project I have multiple work pieces already. An earlier project I did, I had a square pocket and when using an 1/8th inch bit easel recognized the inside corners were not going to be completely cut to a 90 degree (the bit will leave a radius of its size). So I was able to use a smaller bit or a V-bit to go and complete those uncut areas (just the corners.
Now I’m this project I’m cutting a square shape cut outside the path instead of clearing out a pocket. When choosing a larger bit it is showing the corners rounded but not recognizing they are not cut at 90 degree corner. How can I tell the machine to go to those exact corners with a smaller bit and make them close to square.
Opening a separate work piece, how can I make just the corners and have them perfectly line up and with so many. I’m sure there is a easy way.

This might be easier to follow if I can see the issue first hand.
Can you share the project?
In Easel go to Projects>Share and change it to Unlisted, copy that link and paste it over here.

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