Help, I am having an issue with 2 stage cuts and easel?

Hello, I am trying to carve some Christmas
ornaments and its my first time with doing a 2 stage cut. Everything
seems find but when I go to cut I get a nothing to cut error in easel.
Searched but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Anyone?

I opened the project and clicked simulate, and had no issue. Chrome. (Have you tried a different browser yet)

This happened to me before.
Change the Z material dimension to 0.125.
Select All objects and change cut depth to 0.125.

I did the same thing. Check your thickness of your material and make sure it is not bowed. On bowed material you can surface plane it or raise the height your machine requires to move to next step. If you don’t your part will have the router bit dragged across the surface. I have done that, been there. I did oak project 3D floral. The wood cost $30