Help I need to purchase new bits

Hi all, I’m a newbie to CNC and would appreciate some help with regard to the purchase of some new bits. I thought I would buy a set of different bits but am becoming bewildered at the range and prices. I only have a cheap 3rd party machine 3018 VEVOR from China but I have to say I am impressed at what it can do. Any suggestions welcomed as I will be mainly working with acrylic and aluminium.
I have been working with 3D printing and a K40 Laser so have some limited knowledge of G code. Cheers Col

On my 3018 I stick to the 2mm - 1/8" bit size range, anything under 2mm tends to break too easily and over 1/8" puts to much strain on the 60w spindle… if you have a larger spindle then you might be able to go larger…

For acrylic/aluminum a o flute will serve you well.

If you do get smaller tip than the shaft (like a 2mm cut diameter and a 1/8" shaft) then get the shortest cutter length that will get b the job done, this will be a stronger bit and less likely to break.

Here’s the 1/8" cut diameter version

Thanks Seth for the advice, I am going to order what you have suggested. What are your thoughts on the V bits for fine work such as a script font?
Regards Col

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I’ve used the inexpensive (like $15 for a 5 pack) of 1/8" engraving V bits and they did the job just fine.

But after upgrading to the carbide insert style (Amana RC-45711 for 90 degree and BINSTAK brand for the 60 degree) I’ve been using those a lot!

thanks Seth

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