Help Importing SVG, clipping

Hey guys I am currently working on a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time! I am trying to convert my logo into a MDF Sign. There is 3 layers to the job. The larger back panel, smaller back panel and then the letters. I mostly use photoshop, so I am new to illustrator. Anyways Every time I try to use illustrator and import to SVG, It says there are clipping masks, (the logo has a gradient) I’m not to sure how to remove them so I’ve been using photoshop to make the logo a solid color and then sending to illustrator to image trace and then sending to easel via SVG. When I do this it has these random clippings, in the outline. Picture to show here. How do I fix this? Been working on this all day trying to get it ready to be carved. I’m at the point where I’d love to just pay someone to help me set it up.


upload your illustrator file and i’ll take a look

What Phil said :slight_smile:

Hellawell_Cutoms3 (2).ai (792.5 KB)

Here is the .AI

HERE is the .svg

Try this one

Hmm looks Like that one lost its scale. I got to make sure all 3 layers stay proportionate. How’d you land up fixing it?

I did not know you wanted layers, I thought it was one shape

This specific piece is 1 layer yes. But I also have a another larger piece and then the text.

When I open your SVG it is 14.891 x 9.148 is that the correct size?

I use Inkscape, Your SVG is a double lined shape with a box around it I broke it apart and deleted one on the lines and the box

28" X 11.52" Is what I am hoping to make the sign.

Go for Phil, I’m at work - going to a meeting

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looks like if I set it to cut inside it removes those lines.

Hellawell (54.0 KB)

Here is a zip file of all 3 SVG’S here is the easel file

Looks like I was able to solve the scaling issues, now it is just to solve the lines. I’m guessing if I set the bit to inside ill lose most of the size.

That’s weird because in Photoshop its a full shape that is connected, wonder what I’m doing wrong

No Just one line.

oops sorry inside lines.