HELP! limit switch

I got the 1000mm x carve and when i go to test the limit switches my machine wont stop going back. z limit worked fine, but it goes to hit the x limit. It just keeps going to the back left corner. x axis stops but the y axis just keeps going back, and the limit switch faces the front so how do i get it to stop going back?

Y steppers mixed up? With power off, swap Y1 and Y2.

isnt that hard to mix up with one being longer than the other?

either way it didn’t work swapped them the machine still went back and didn’t stop

I guess, but the wires end at the same place. If they’re both going backwards you can swap the connections, swap one coil pair in each motor connection, or adjust your grbl settings (post yours and I’ll tell you what to change).

how do i get to my grbl settings?

In the machine inspector, type $$ in the console.
$3 value is the one you’ll need to adjust

i got it to work thank you so much for your time and help.

No problem. What was your solution?
Sharing it will help the next guy.

you helped out. it was the wires i had them crossed. thanks

but now after my first two carves, and a week at my real job. The x carve wont connect to my computer now dont know whats going on