Help! Lines aren't meeting

Trying to do a piece with the first part being a circle and the lines are not meeting up after every go around, I have tightened EVERYTHING! Including all grub screws but nothing is working, I’m losing so much material, please give your suggestions

You are loosing steps along the way.
Reasons can be many, and a combination of several.

More info would be great, Xcontroller or gshield?
Post your GRBL settings, primarely $100-$122 and $1

Carve/feed rate?

I have no idea what any of that means, complete novice over here

Can you post a picture of your Xcarve & its pheripherals?

GRBL is the “rules” your machine follows, where max speed / acceleration / and step distance is set +++.

To review your current GRBL settings open Easel, click Machine Inspector and type $$ in the Console box and press Enter. A list with several $ values will be listed in the window below. Copy and paste there, or take a screen shot.

Loosing steps = the machine is commanded to move a certain amount but for some reason is unable to complete them - and it is unaware of it. The Xcarve (and most hobby machines) are “open loop controlled” as there is no feed back / control on how many steps are actually completed vs commanded.

As your circle is shifting position (dont meet start point) = steps lost.