Help. Loose Y Rail

Having a lot of problems with my machine. When I carve one my Y assemblies can be easily moved. The other offers resistance when I push it but the left one, I can easily push an inch while running which is causing the machine to jump off. Just changed belt and is tight. Thanks!

Do you mean the gantry? Sounds like a loose wire.

yes gantry. thanks, I redid the wires. Will take another look. I checked the stepper motors and were running at about 1.9, but its not only a problem when the machine is running. Even not running but plugged in, I can freely move the left gantry but the right has resistance.

My whole machine is falling apart. Now it is getting enough current but the x is jerky and sometimes will just pause for 1/2 a second.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have cuts I need to do tonight and have been fighting this machine all week. Very, very frustrating

Check your pulley set screws. You’re probably missing one or they’re loose.

That’s probably thermal overload meaning you went to high with your pot adjustment.

Even when turned down it does that. Let me try to describe in detail. I turn the machine on and on the left Y gantry and the X gantry, I get no resistance even though its connected, I can manually slide both of them. When I pull up easel and run the X 20", it will pause and jerk as it goes. It will also run at full speed and then slow way down. I just redid all of the motor wiring. I’m worried the arduino or the gshield is screwed.

ok, I think its the wiring. The Y is better and I’m going to just redo the X-wiring tomorrow. Does anyone know the best way to check the wiring going into the motor with a multi-meter?
Thanks for all the help.

You can check the motor wiring easily.
when its not connected shorting 2 wires will cause the motor to have resistance. This is due to the back emf produced when the motor is rotated. you can connect it then feel a slight resistance. Otherwise it should be real easy to move.
Here is a tut that will help you with the wingdings and a meter.

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I checked all of the wiring and it seems to be ok. The X and one of the Y motors are still too weak to cut even though they are getting plenty of power. Just before this started happening, I opened up the machine inspector and made some adjustments to the X distance steps. This could not have caused a problem, right?

When I jog the X, I can easily stop it dead in its tracks. Sometimes it doesn’t even run. The Y is a little better but still a problem. Maybe the motors are just burned out?

The pulley is missing the set screws! arggh! The motor spins fine but the pulley stays in place

While you have it off grind a small flat, for the screw to sit. And it’s best it use a cap screw, instead if a set screw there’s some posts around here.

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I’m hoping after a year I will be able to consider myself an expert on this machine. I’ve had mine about 6 months and every week I’m figuring out some new hardware or software issue.