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Help making a Select by size app


I have a hard time trying to find documentation of the API, I just want to select shapes that match the size of the shape I have selected.

How do I use EASEL.selection.selectObject(); ?

Are you looking to match shapes by their bounding box size or an exact match of the path data?

Bounding box its ok I guess :smiley:

I am running Deepnest to optmize the svg layout but I lose the “outline” “on-path” etc features, so an easy way would be to select all the similar ones and change that. But how :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So looking into it a little bit… There is no api for the UI, you can only create an app.

But that being said and with what you’re trying to accomplish here is the bare-bones code that you would need to accomplish this task:

var properties = [{
    type: 'list',
    id: "Cut Type",
    value: "fill",
    options: ["fill", "outline"]
    type: 'list',
    id: "Outline Style",
    value: "on-path",
    options: ["on-path", "outside", "inside"]

var getSelectedVolumes = function(volumes, selectedVolumeIds) {
    var selectedVolumes = [];
    var volume;
    for (i = 0; i < volumes.length; i++) {
        volume = volumes[i];
        if (selectedVolumeIds.indexOf( !== -1) {
    return selectedVolumes;

var executor = function(args, success, failure) {
    var params = args.params;
    var volumes = [];
    var selectedVolumes = getSelectedVolumes(args.volumes, args.selectedVolumeIds);

    if (selectedVolumes.length > 1) {
        failure("Please select only 1 volume.");
        return false;

    args.volumes.forEach(function(vol) {
        if (vol.shape.width == selectedVolumes[0].shape.width && vol.shape.height == selectedVolumes[0].shape.height) {
            vol.cut.type = params["Cut Type"];
            vol.cut.outlineStyle = params["Outline Style"];
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Also, API documentation is found here:
(So long as you are using v2 of the API)

Yes I saw that but I didn’t thought it was the documentation because is so short. Thanks for the code, I’ll take a look. :smile: looks like a very nice alternative.

Yeah it’s taken a lot of trial and error to figure out how the api works. Hope the code works out for you.

I ended writing a small script that adds the function to the UI:

Oh boy, you’ve just opened up a new door for me! Think of the chaos I can cause now!

Much thanks!

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Unleash the kraken!

It is kinda a continuation of: Adding new functionality to Easel: Quick app search

:smiley: and they added a similar search to apps after few months