Help making Font style into svg

I’ve searched and searched for letters written a specific way and can’t find. Are there any Guru’s out there that can create what i want. i’m only asking for 3 letters! My buddy is retiring and i’m trying to make a sign with those 3 letters, with the little end thingys on all 3(official term) and then be able to stack them so they touch. Sign is going to be 20 x 20 circle, and the letters are to be centered. Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi, You’re my only hope!!

Try searching Google fonts. They are all free to use.

The part at the end of the letter is called the “serif”. If a font does not have that part, it is called “sans serif” meaning “without stroke”.

If you use the search above, it will get you all of the fonts that have a serif and are thin like lines rather than thick letters with infill.

The example here is a font called “Josefin Slab”

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Thanks for the input. I guess i should have been more specific. I want the letters to be written “like i supplied”, but a little thicker, but i need them as a SVG. i don’t know how to make it.

Here it is as an SVG with thickness. It might need some work in something like inkscape.

Here it is as a project in Easel.

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