Help me blez

I have a problem in x-carve where the router does not work as required where if we put the thickness of wood 12.5 mm down only 8.5 mm to 9 mm I tried to fix the problem and follow your whole direction on what is okay frankness as I lose my patience please solve this problem means all movement True helper down the router

How are you Zero your Z axis height?
Is your bit not tight?

Are you able to post a picture?

Also did you calibrate the steps on your Z axis to make sure you are getting full movement.

what can i do to fix it ???

Can you jog the bit to the top of the material and click the up arrow to move 1” and measure how far did it move?

Make sure the birstles of your dust skirt dont hit the material, if they are hitting close to 90deg they can provide a considerable force upward preventing full depth.

I see that the skirt follow the router.