Help me plz

ok so i set everything up with a 3 axis touch plate get it zeroed and hit carve and the bit digs straight into the wood. i have it set at 40 40 and .01 i just dont what else to do with it help me plz

Im assuming youre using Easel to send G code, are you using another program for modeling and tool paths?

no im still pretty new and have not try any other programs yet

Um, with the update to multiple machine profiles, there was an issue regarding custom probe sizes getting erased and reverting to the default 14.99 mm thickness.

I reported the issue about a week ago but I use a separate gcode sender (OpenBuilds Control) so I haven’t checked back in to see if its been resolved…

ok the piece i was using is 1.01 thick just so frustrating

Another common issue with such a thick probe is the Z topping out when it initially lifts up to the origin safety height. If this is happening you would probably notice it hitting the top an grinding a bit…

Also, by chance, does this x-carve have the new Z upgrade? (or any other 3rd party upgrade to the Z?)

No it doesn’t yet

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