Help! Mill Right Mega V

I’m new to Easel and trying to get Easel to communicate with my machine.
I really like the ease of Easel… and will get Easel Pro as long as I can link with my Mega V.
I have made simple designs and tool paths, downloaded the g code and ran it with UGS but that’s not ideal. Thanks for any help.


Easel and UGS can not be run at the same time as each hogs up the com.port the other is trying to make contact with. Make sure you close UGS fully before attempting to connect via Easel.

I dont know the controller of the Mill Right but ifs its GRBL-based Easel should connect to it just fine.

Thanks for the response.
I have verified that UGS is not running.
My machine has an Aurdrino and uses grbl.
The gcode works perfect when I export it and use it to run through UGS.
I just can’t connect Easel directly to my machine. I’ve tried updating the driver, changing ports, but it just doesn’t see it.
I must be missing something?

I have seen some report connection issues and resolved it with updated FTDI-drivers.
Hope that may help :slight_smile: