HELP! Missing parts from my order!

Last night I was finally able to get around to assembling my x-carve and it wasn’t until I was nearly finished that I realized… The front and back panels for the x-control box were missing from my order. It seems you can’t wire the unit for operation unless you have this panels as that is where all of the wiring is connected. I am really impatient and don’t want to wait to contact Inventanbles during their normal business hours, request the parts, and wait for shipping again. Do I have any alternative options?


That’s where’re mine were. They’re easy to miss if you’re impatient.

The panels aren’t required. The front panel is just the pause/resume buttons that you don’t have to use.

Wow! You guys are AMAZING!!! Thanks for the assist. Just as you said, they were tucked away in their ultimate hiding place. Seriously though, thanks a ton!

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Not even a little bit. I seriously tore through all of the boxes 3 separate times looking for them. Granted, it was nearly midnight and I had been up since 0430. Anyway, I feel like there should be a big fluorescent sticker that says “hey, we packed some stuff hidden in here”.

Thanks again for the assist!