Help Modifying the X-Controller

Immediately after getting my first xcarve I noticed a very frustrating in my opinion design flaw… All the wires going to the x-controller are routed to the back except for the PC connection, wich is oddly mounted towards the front. It was all fine and dandy when I was using my Sideboard kit, other than the annoying eye sore. Anyways, I need to figure out a way to cut a square into the side of the xcontroller. I don’t have much experience cutting metal. I was wondering if I used a dremel and a drill bit if it would cut it? I’ve seen it done before but they never mentioned what they used to cut it.

If its aluminum you can use a drill and a file to square the corners.
There is not much else you can do.
You could run in on the machine and then cut it with a small end mill then use a file to square the corners.

Can’t run it on the machine :stuck_out_tongue: Unless I run the wires to the center of my wasteboard and literally carve my controller while it controls itself to do so. :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds cruel and extremely nope worthy.

That and I think my z depth is to low to run it

Then you will need to remove the face to drill it and file it.
its too thick to use any nibbler.

In my estimation, the USB port should have been on the rear of the controller along with all of the other connections.
The front face would have been much cleaner looking.
But, that’s just me.

I agree, just lastnight I bumped my connection and wondered why the heck it wasn’t put in the back.

ALL DONE! Used a drill bit and then a router and then a file.

Theoretically wouldn’t running the USB out the back with all the electrical connections maybe cause some sort of interference with the usb signal? I know I keep my USB cable away from as many electrical wires as possible just to be on the safe side.

Nibbling Tool for Copper, Aluminum, PC Board

I couldn’t agree more. As soon as I saw it up front I shook my head and wondered why anyone would put that port on the front. What an eyesore. I immediately ordered a 90 degree USB adapter which would work, but then the cable would need to run on the outside and look totally unprofessional, so now I’m thinking it would be better if I instead unplug the jack on the front, plug the front hole up, and run the cable inside to the rear of the machine where the port should have been placed. Ultimately, once I get better with using the X-Carve I will probably just make a new end piece all together. I really wish Inventables would offer a replacement front and back end piece to move the USB jack to the rear. I would definitely buy them.

you can always make one so that usb in the back
usb (1.0 MB)
usb template.pdf (238.0 KB)

Unfortunately nothing will open that file…

I thought I once saw X-Controller CAD files online, but now I can’t locate them. Will keep looking.

same place it has always been.

Thank you Kenneth.

See angus’s reply above.

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Multiple times I’ve gone to pause a carve just to have the usb cable get nudged and lose connection.

For me, I need the X controller up front.
I don’t want to have to reach across anything to reach the “oh shit” button.

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Having the xcontrollers at the front isn’t what this discussion is about. We are talking about the usb cable plugged into the front of the xcontroller. Moving the connection to the back/side changes nothing with the estop. It would improve the look of the machine and stop the annoying interruptions when you accidentally nudge the cord by hitting the estop or pause play buttons.

Damn it Robert.
You had to go and mention the location the controller didn’t you.

Oh God…
Please be quiet, its running right now and I don’t want it to hear you.

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