Help my cnc wont talk to cnc

Hi ya all i brought my cnc machine got it all hooked up its a cncst3040at3, but i cant get my pc and cnc to communicate ive downloaded the easel software but still no luck any idea what it may be. ???

Hi David. There are way too many variables involved to give you an answer without knowing more. What type PC? Mac or Windows? What controller does the CNC have? are you linking the devices via USB, Serial, or wireless? What software are you using to control the CNC?
Usually connection problems occur when the software won’t talk to the controller, or vice versa.

Give us more information, and I bet someone will have an answer for you.

Dave, the Bluffview Wood Butcher

i know next to nothing really about cnc machines but
im using a windows 10 desk top
linking it with a UB cable
im using easel,
the controller how do i find that out ?

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According to the specs you linked to, it is a Mach3 machine, not grbl.

“Mach3 installation package”

you mean i cant use it on easel John ?

I do not use Easel, but Easel is only grbl based as far as I know, so I think you can not.

ok thanks John