HELP NEEDED! Newbie Go Paths

I just bought a 3018 kit and have it up and running. I have created a few of my own designs in Inkscape and using DFX2GCODE and Candle to run the machine.

My question has to do with Go Paths. These lines are being carved into my project and I dont understand how to fix this problem. I am brand new to CNC and Coding but dedicated to learn. Can anyone give me some good advice on this issue as well as any other beginner tips and tricks.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean G zero…G0?

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Well Im not 100% sure. This is all new to me and I am learning. The few designs I have made create an addition line that cuts on the project but only for the first run. Correct me as needed as I am learning.

Thank You

Can you share the gcode?

I will try to get it out today but i have had this issue with multiple projects. Maybe because they are not all connect or too big? I was hoping someone had been through this and be able to give me an idea if it from Inkscape or when I convert it to gcode.