Help needed with a project

I can not understand why the track becomes larger, though I have entered a special measure
The track is entered just under 6 mm, but when complete it will track higher.
I’ve tried with both 1mm and 2mm bits bits.
Nearest result is when I use the 0.8 mm bit, but it is too slow

Can anyone explain why it is so


p.s sorry about the bad english

Not clear what you mean but are you aware that you can set your object to be cut one of four ways?:

  • Outside path, meaning the bit will walk along the line from the outside.
  • On path, meaning the bit will walk (center) on the line.
  • Inside path, meaning the bit will walk along the line on the inside.
  • Fill (not relevant in this example)

So if you draw a 50x50mm rectangle in Easel and use a 2mm bit each mode will produce a carve that is:

  • 50x50mm rectangular cut out/piece (Outside)
  • 48x48mm rectangular cut out/piece (On path)
  • 46x46mm rectangular cut out/piece (Inside)

If you draw a 50x50mm object, specify the right bit size and set it to track the right way (Outside/on/inside) and the size is still wrong - then there is a scaling issue to be dealt with.

If what Haldor provided above does not turn out to be your problem I would recommend hitting this link. This is the link to one of the projects found under the “Upgrade your machine” Title. This could help give you some insight into what your particular machine is doing. This set of calibration shapes can help you see if you machine has assembly or re-calibration needs. Most possible causes are Missed steps and Lose or over tightened belts. If everything tracks correctly with this then there must be something wrong with the layout of the design. Are you using Easel or an aftermarket program?

I do most of my cutting ouside way
But it still won’t cut the right measurement

This is one of the things I do

Project doesnt open :frowning:

If you try to carve a 50x50mm square what will its actual size be?

can it open now ?

No :frowning:

How should I do so you can see it ?

Thank´s Phil

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And now ?

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Yup, now it opens up. What areas are you experience problems with, the joining slots being too wide?

The slots appear to be about 6.8mm wide.
The cut path is set to “On path”, not outside.
Is your stock actually 7.5mm or some other value?

Haldor Thank you for making me aware that I have marked wrong.
It should be “outsides” but I had checked the “on path”

I will try again tomorrow (Tuesday)
and will provide feedback

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Thank´s Phil for the hint

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