Help needed with latest project

i have taken the bit size down to 1/16 but now it estimates 1hr 17mins, anyone have any suggestions to reduce the carve time ? i really need to keep the depth of cut at 2mm as i fill the lettering with resin then sand ? anyone willing to help a complete novice !

Go to machine on the toolbar then go to advanced then enable two stage carve a + will pop up next to your bit selection use that to add your 1/16 bit. Use a 1/8" bit for roughing and the 1/16" bit for finishing pass should cut down the time .

thanks for the info Robert, i have 60 degree v bits in my collection, i had a little dabble in f-engrave a week ago but found it a bit daunting for me, if only easel could update the bit library that would suit me fine, lol

i will look into that Adam, thanks