Help needed with stepper motors

I built my X-carve 1000 with x-controller Jan this year and it has been working fine.
However I’m now having a problem with Y1 and Y2 motors. When running easle Y1 (left hand side) seems to loose connection. When I first power up easle both motors engage and hold tight. But when I go to carve Y1 seems to loose connection . Any Ideas ?

Switch motors around, do the problem follow Y1/Y2 motor or Y1/Y2 driver port?

I’ve switched the motors around still same issue. Thought at first faulty stepper motor got me stuffed
Both Motors engage when I turn on the X-Controller ?

What do you mean by this? Do power disconnect on this side, or is the motor stalled and therefore loosing sync?
Have you checked your pulley/belt making sure it doesnt slip?
Do the assembly move freely/evenly when unpowered?

Belts and Pulleys are fine
Assembly moves freely/evenly when unpowered
? Could be a sync issue (problem started when I updated easle)

I am not sure how the Xcontroller is built but AFAIK the signal to Y1 / Y2 is a simple split as far as Easel->Xcontroller signals there should’nt be any difference. (Easel do not send individual signals to Y1 / Y2, it just send Y where the controller split signal for Y1 & Y2 driver.

Check your wiring connections. Don’t just look at them, tug on them a bit to make sure they are not loose.

Also, check to make sure that the terminal blocks at the X-controller are plugged in firmly. Maybe unplug them and plug them back in to make sure there is good contact there.

Make sure that all internal cables in the X-controller are firmly seated in their sockets. The retainer clips will latch prior to the cable being fully seated.

Can’t get my head over this
Set screws ok in place with Loctite
Wires all nice and tight
Motor Shaft not broken
When I turn on X-Controller all motors engage and hold firm its only when I try to carve that Y1(Left hand Side) seems to play up
Its got me stuffed

BTW I pulled the X-Controller apart and all connections ect were ok

How did you switch the motors? Did you exchange the physical Y1 and Y2 motors, or did you exchange the Y1/Y2 wiring at the X-controller?

Switched the wiring

My guess then would be that you have a problem with the Y1 wiring or the Y1 motor. Since the problem stayed with the left motor, when you exchanged the wiring, that would say that both Y driver chips are probably good.

Did you disconnect the wires for the swap, or just unplug the terminal blocks?

Dead Stepper Motor is the problem. I tested all motors on the z axis and the Y1 motor is the only one that didn’t respond. I did rewire Y1 just in case broken wire but still a fail.
What would cause the motor to Fail ?

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My wife is pissed because she has orders for my carves that she can’t fill
I’m pissed because I’ve got 4 day weekend and can’t use the x-carve
Such is Life

You mentioned that it engaged at power-up but lost connection/sync when carving. During your motor swap now did it do the same or was it all dead?

The motor have two pairs of wire exiting the motor case, during use have these flexed alot?
If one lead is broken there should still be movement (but direction will be random). If one of both leads are broken then motor will never see power, or be able to lock up.

At any rate, I would also swap that motor out (and get a spare just in case :slight_smile: )

Spent so much time on this problem I think a new Stepper Motor is the go

If you have the stepper motors with the plug/socket connection at the motor, check the pins and mating sockets at the motor to see if they are ok. Sometimes a pin or socket can loosen up in the mount and cause problems.

If the connectors are good then the only thing to do is get in touch with the place you bought the kit and see if they will replace the motor.

You might be able to find a motor locally to save the weekend, or order one online. Depending on where you are you might be able to get a replacement while your vendor sorts out the problem.