Help needed

Hello please bare with me as I’m very new to cnc machines, I’m thinking of getting one in near future but i was wondering if Easel would work with the machine ill give a link down below.


I don’t think so, but that’s not a bad thing per se. Easel is very limited and there are a lot of other/better options out there.

The machine in your link can cut designs you make on Easel. I bought a smaller version of this a few years ago and I have used it to cut some designs created on Easel. I bought mine because I thought my grade school aged children would like it and it would be reasonably safe for them to operate. instead I now just run their designs on my big machine.

The motion controller on these is usually built around a Chinese knock-off of an Arduino. Because of this, it can be a bit dicey getting the USB driver on your PC to it. Unfortunately, this also means that Easel will not be able to directly drive your machine the way it does the X-Carves. I did read in the forum about a man who bought one of these and replaced the motion controller with a real Arduino flashed with the correct firmware so that Easel could directly control the unit, but I don’t have experience with that.

What I do with mine is create designs in Easel and then export the G Code. I then run GRBL on the PC to send the codes to the mini mill.

You should not have high expectations for mills such as these. Mine was not even advertised as a mini mill but instead called itself a CNC engraver. These mills have very low cutting power, their alignment is hard to square and there were numerous 3D printed parts on mine. These mills are useful for classroom situations or to get the experience of building a working CNC. If you can put this kit together and run it, you would have no problems with a real X Carve or a Gatton CNC.