Help - New, not a clue

Hi all,

Completely new to this. I have (waiting to be put together) a CNC 3018 and am running a Mac (I do have a windows laptop coming).

Found Easel which is great but I’d like to cut a 3D relief, just a simple curve (trying to radius a guitar fret board).

Looks like Fusion 360 can create one (I can download one) but how do I get it out (file) so as to import into Easel (if this can be done).


What is the software path to putting together a relief carve? 1. Build 2.convert to Gcode? or something to run the CNC.

I maybe looking at this from completely the wrong angle but everything I’ve tried I can’t get a file from one program the other. None of the output file types are input file types for the CNC carvey bit


Many thanks in advance guys.

You need 3d software. I use Rhino 3D. It was kind of the standard hobbiest software 10 years ago. To make a fretboard, I’d draw a rectangle the width of the fretboard . Then I’d draw a line with the radius I wanted and put them together. In Rhino it would be trimming the rectangle to the arc. That leaves a shape that becomes a planar surface.

The next step is to extrude that surface the length of the fretboard. That gives you a rectangular fretboard. Then I would draw two lines in the top view representing the taper. I’d extrude those lines through the previously drawn fretboard creating 2 surfaces.

Then I’d split the two tapered surfaces from the fretboard. With a little trimming you’d have your fretboard. Next is to add inlay holes and fretslots.

Once you have the drawing, you create an STL file. I use Meshcam to take the STL file and create gcode. Once I have the Gcode, it can be loaded into Easel or Universal Gcode Sender which is what I would use.

I cut my fretboard radii with a roundnose bit. Then I switch to a 1/8" straight to do the dot holes and the taper cut. I scribe my fretslots with a dremel tool in the router, then go to a stewmac slotting system with a saw to cut them.

you can see what I do here:

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Many thanks

I’ll read through the thread. It looks like Easel will be very useful for inlay cutting, both bits.

Right, now to put the CNC3018 together :slight_smile: