Help on J-Tech Laser

Help, Help Help
Is it here on the forum some nice and helpful person who can help me with installing and runing of
the laser with the program LightBurn. ?
I have wired up everything as the instruction says.
And I have gone thru the whole tutorial PDF wich I have downloaded and hade beside me when I
tried to cut.
But the machine didn´t start at the point I suggested
The machine will go the the lower left corner, so I have
to force it to stop with the emergency button.

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Get ahold of Jay from JTECH and he will walk you thru it. He is great with costumer service.

I have not get any answer from him yet.
thats why I put the quastion here

I can not help you with lightburn i used picsender now. I had the same problem with grbllaser and gave it up.

is the picsender easier to use ?

I like it i think it is much easier and alot easier to get things lined up where you want.

where do you buy it and
can I try it before I buy it.

Try this.

thx Wayne
I look in to it on saturday,
because we are going to Denmark tomorrow…
Is there an try before buy.

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I think there is you will need to check the site out.

Hi Wayne
I have been looking on the link you sent me but…
I can´t get the hang of it to , cut a picture .
PLease give me a hint…
If it´s not to much problem

I think you need to get John from Picsender to chime in.

ok thx

I will be happy to assist you. Please contact me at:
Thank you,

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read up on Negative Work Coordinates. These are sections on both the Lightburn and Jtech sites. Mine did the same thing before I setup a macro to fix it