Help! Parts and assembly questions!

Trouble from the start! While getting ready to assemble our x-carve I am noticing the bill of materials is not aligned with what we received. Most confusing is the lack of eccentric nuts. But we do have eccentric spacers.

None of this matches with the instructions on the website! Has anyone else experienced these issues with a newer X Carve build??

I have had my machine for a year now and did not have any of the problems you described.
I followed the instructions. I would pull the parts list for the step, find the parts and then assemble. It worked perfectly
If you are missing parts call the support team. They are wonderful to work with

Are you using the new instructions?

They still have the old instructions online so maybe you’re using the wrong ones?

Yes!! Thank you guys for your help! We were using the older instructions! The new instructions are making ALOT more sense!!!