Help planing waste board

I assembled my 4x4 pro today and ran the waste board program. I got a very smooth surface but ended up with about a 16th of a lip at both the front and back of the x. Any help as to why this happened would be great!


Can you jog the machine over that area manually? If so than you could adjust the design accordingly and possibly surface the whole thing. Possibly use a larger bit to reach too…

When I jog the spindle over the area it clearly covers the lip line. But when running the flattening wasteboard program it just doesn’t travel down that area. I have since just just chiseled it off since it was so paper thin. But still strange I can’t get the machine to cut there.

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I’m a real novice at this and generally rely on Seth for all the answers, but what I found when I was surfacing my wasteboard was that I created an area that was slightly bigger than my surface area.
I have the 1000mm x-carve which supposedly has a cut area of 780mm x 780mm. When I made the square for the surface depth, I made it 800mm x 800mm so that it wouldn’t leave any “edges”. I then used a 30mm surfacing bit, and actually ended up with a flat surface that is 810mm x 810mm. I assume that a 1/8th etc will never actually cut to 810mm but it’s nice to have that area. I intend to try to create a square (cutting on shape path) so that I can determine the exact perimeter for my smaller bits.
When I surface Slabs, I also make the surface area about 10mm/20mm larger than my slab so that I don’t end up with “edges”

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