Help please... 3d Printer questions

Ok… so not an inventables or xcarve question… But i cant seem to find any help with the place i got it from…

I bought a 3upv2… from off of amazon…,… It uses Ramps1.4 and Arduino 2560mega…

i have it assembled and followed electronics instructions… I am using Repetier host, which is recommended… But i cant seem to get the nema 17 motors to turn consistently… I have not attempted a print yet… as i cant even get the Extruder to work… Someone please help… I don’t even know where to begin with my questions…

I use MatterControl most of the time with my 3D printer.
I have also used Cura

They have jog functions built into the software. Make sure the software is matched to your printer. Also make sure you have the proper firmware version for your printer loaded into your Arduino. There are plenty out there!

That’s the thing it says it’s pre loaded with Marlin. I can get the z axis to move up… By jogging it down. X and y move both ways. Backwards. But I can’t get it to move downwards. Or have the extruded to move.

Took a quick look at the documentation and it is pretty sparse!

It is a standard style 3D printer so I would suggest any of the 3D printer forums would be a better help especially with the Marlin firmware. Mine has been hacked for my printer.

There is a lot of info on the Ramps 1.4 board out there especially troubleshooting. It will take some searching but I am sure you will be able to find a good step by step setup/touble shooting guide.

Turns out. One of the stepper motor boards is missing its power adjustment knob.

Blah. Can I use something other than Ramps? Is it the best?? I’m still learning arduino and 3D printing. Etc.

So… Was told by the company "those screws are set from the factory and do not need to be adjusted at all, so you should be good to go. "

In regards to a stepper motor power screw that had broken off. Which happens to be the axis that isn’t working. Funny.