Help please (Import of 3D files)

I cant figure out how to import models i bought online from their zip files

If you are referring to 3d files they cannot be imported into Easel.

So how do I use them with my xcarve?

It will be arriving tomorrow so that’s how green I am

The options I know of are V Carve or Fusion 360.

If you bring the file into VCarve you can make any necessary changes, then create the gcode. You can then bring the gcode into Easel.

Consider machining a 3 stage process:
1 - Design (CAD)
2 - Generate tool paths / machine code (CAM)
3 - Transmit the code to the machine (CNC)

Easel can do all 3in1 but is limited in terms of import capabilities and file format support.
What you have filewise, what you want to do with it is what “dictate” the work flow. (Primarely stage 1-2)

I suggest you provide us with an image /example of what you want to carve, then we can talk specifics :slight_smile:

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