Help please

Twice now i have broken my x axis belt. what am i doing wrong? I’ve not had it running a week.

How tight are the belts and what kind of carve where you doing?

Whats your depth and speed rate? It might be trying to force the router faster than it can cut.

Well, #3 was obviously too tight as it snapped while I was sitting there setting up my carve

I’m just trying to do a simple stacked letter sign. Broke a third to over tightening. I have one piece left :fearful:

The rule of thumb established by many Xcarve users on this forum is to measure about 3.5lbs of pull when you lift the belt up 1" at center.

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Thank you

You can use an inexpensive fish scale (such as from harbor freight) to measure your belt tension. They work very well.
Make certain that your V wheels are not set too tight as this adds excessive resistance to movement on the axis stepper motors and belts.
As Haldor mentioned, set your belt tension to between 3.5 and 5.0 lbs at a 1 inch deflection in the center of the belts, measured with the gantry placed at the far end of travel. It does not matter which end.
On the Y axis, make certain that both belts are tensioned equally within 0.1 lbs of each other.

After you set your belt tensions correctly, make sure that you check and recalibrate your steps of travel as belt tension can have a drastic affect on travel distance per step.