Help putting my machine together

Hi! I’m looking for some help getting my machine together. I’m very scared to put this machine together and mess it up as I’ve never had a CNC machine. I’m in Gwinnett County, GA. If anyone knows of someone or a company that can help, please let me know!

I’d offer this advice. The X carve instructions are some of the best I’ve seen. Small parts are labeled. Each section of assembly has photos. I’d suggest you try to assemble it yourself and then ask here if you get stuck on something. Putting it together yourself will help you learn about the machine so you can maintain it during the period of time you own it.

X-Carve Instructions: x-carve-instructions (

I would recommend the following. Go to Steve Carmichael’s YouTube channel and reach out to him there. He is in your area, and creates projects and videos sponsored by Inventables. This is not to say that he will be able to help you, but he might be able to put you in touch with other X-Carve users in the area.

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Awesome!! Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my comment.

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Hi Harry - Thanks for the mention! Turns out that my neighborhood is just a few streets away from Jennifer. Small world! I’ve helped a few people in my area get started, so I told her to just let me know if I can help. Thanks, Steve…

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