Help request for DC Mayan calendar

Hey guys, I’ve been messing around with Easel some in an attempt to get more familiar with it. I found the Marvel Mayan calendar files on here and loaded the file up. Looks great and no issues with it.

So I went out to Sandy Eggos website and grabbed the DC version. I loaded the SVG up in easel and it was just a bunch of outlines. I then went about assigning all the parts a cut path in Easel (very tedious lol). On its face it looks just like the Marvel one now. Except when i try click on it to move it around. Its like 1500 individual pieces, so you have to highlight them all to move the artwork as a whole. The Marvel file you can just click the image anywhere and move it all as one single piece.

I think this is causing my file major bloating and crashes when i try to simulate the job. Marvel calendar has no issues simulating or anything. Any one have any suggestions? I’ll put a screen cap of the two for comparison.

Can you share the Easel file?

Yup, I can.

Where’d tou get the Marvel Calendar? His original looks the same to me.
Anyway, brought it into Inkscape, and the SVG below should work for you.
Right-click–>Save As

I have one of them and the star wars, I went through both of them and made them each one single layer, I have not tried the Marvel in Easel as of yet since I flattened it, the original file I had I ran it as a 28", it took it 1:15 to 1:30 minutes to write the tool paths if I remember correctly. I have ran the star wars one since I flattened it it ran well. Both are setup to be positive or negative of each other.

Thank you!

I got the Marvel one off the forums here. The DC one I went to Sandy Eggos website and downloaded it from there. Imported the SVG straight into Easel.

What did you do with it in Inkscape?