Help Request: Simple Cutouts / Can't use Easel

Folks, I need a little guidance/advice with simple cutout and drilling operations using software other than Easel. I understand this is probably CNC 101 stuff, but I’m relatively new to CAM. I’ll explain my project first, then a little bit about what I do know.

I have a custom machine that is twice the size of the large X-Carve giving me a cutting area of 31 x 62 (untested). I doubled the Y-Axis length to be able to cut and drill some larger pieces. Easel isn’t meant to recognize the larger machine area. My current project is to build some architectural truss work for the high vault area of my home. Here are some pics of the drawings:

The arched pieces are about 72-inches in length. They have a true bottom radius at 67’-8", not an ellipse. I can cut from a 1x8. The 1x8 will need to be situated at an angle across the cutting surface.

The gusset pieces are pretty simple. In addition to what’s shown, I will be adding some internal cutouts for wire management.

This is my machine. I still have a few things to do with it, such as brace the Y-axis rails, permanently fasten the waste board, add dust collection and run power through the drag chain. I will also be cutting legs - lessons learned from this help request will help me with this as well!

Regarding software, I have AutoCAD LT, Fusion 360 and GCodeSender. I’m not opposed to using other software and am willing to spend a couple hundred for the right product, but not much more. I use AutoCAD LT at work (I’m a commercial contractor). I would say I can get around in AutoCAD, but am by no means proficient. I can certainly export a DXF. Regarding Fusion 360, I am learning to navigate the software and can create a simple drawing. When I get to the CAM portion, I am really confused by the process. What role does the Setup Sheet play in the process? I’m confused by the tool library and why it’s so damn difficult to dump everything there and just create a library of the tools I have!

Lastly, the simple cutouts I’ve accomplished I have used a clearing operation which takes quite a lot of machine time. What’s the easiest way to just create a cutout operation?

Thank you in advance for some mentorship! I feel like I’m getting close to getting over the edge on my topics, but need a little nudge to get there.

For cutouts in Fusion use the 2D contour operation. Probably worthwhile to use the multiple depths setting too.

I stand corrected… it does appear that I can make the machine cut in the upper half of the Y-Zone. The Easel User Interface was what had me fooled for a while. Basically I have to draw off the work area to get it to work. Not overly difficult once you realize that you can do that!

I still do need to figure out how to draw and export in something more complex than Easel to handle some of the more complex angles and drilling operations. I did download Vectric’s Cut2D Desktop, but that has a 25" x 25" toolpath limitation in both the trial and the pay-for version. Export tools will only export vectors, not drilling or text carving operations. I do like the ease of use over trying to beat my head against the wall with Fusion360. Not worth paying for the Pro version though, which I assume relieves a user of that limitation.

But hey, I learned more today than I have in a while!

Wade, I’m learning Fusion as I go too right now. What is it that you are beating your head up against? I may be able to help.

I’m persevering with Fusion because I want to learn just one tool and it makes sense to learn a really capable one to start off with.